Traditional Uses

- A simple way to remove warts is to apply the milk extracted from a fresh fig on the wart and cover it with a dressing, repeating this operation for 8 - 9 days.

- Another popular remedy against toothache is to cook a few dried figs and apply the liquid obtained with a gauze on the affected area (phlegmon, boil ...) several times a day, as it has healing properties. Another alternative to heal a phlegmon is to crush a dried fig and place it between the inflamed tooth and the cheek, holding it for a while. They are very effective when you have oral conditions, sores, cold sores, etc.

- The water from the cooking of dried figs is laxative, and good drink in case of fever.

- Dry, raw or boiled, the figs are soothing, useful to those who suffer dryness of belly.

- Hot poultry of dried figs helps the healing of abscesses.

- The water after boiling figs is very good for gargling against the irritations of the throat.

- Coffee of toasted and melted dried figs is excellent in pneumonia, pulmonary catarrh, bronchitis, whooping cough and nervous cough.

- In our gastronomy, figs also play an important role in cooking, especially in the case of stews made with birds, but also in desserts, either with creams or in syrup, or as starters accompanied with ham.

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