Fig Cake with Caramelized Nuts


- Difficulty: medium
- Time 30 min

Ingredients (8 people):

- ½ kg of LaCuba dried figs
- 100g of flour
- 5 tablespoons of milk
- 1 shot glass of Anisette
- 1 tablespoon of butter
- 200g of sugar
- 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
- 1 tablespoon of honey
- 50g of walnut
- 50g hazelnut
- 50g cashew
- 1 tablespoon of olive oil


- Put the figs in warm water for one hour.
- Chop the figs finely and put it in a bowl with the flour, milk and the Anisette. Mix it to get an uniform dough.
- Spread butter in the oven mould, sprinkle some flour and put the dough uniformly. Cover with alluminium paper and put it int he over to 160º during 30 minutes.
- After taking it out, wait until it cool down a bit before taking it out of the mold.
- Chop all the nuts.
- In a pot, put the sugar, lemon and honey. When the sugar is liquid, stir until getting caramel.
- Put the nuts in this caramel and spread them out in a tray with a bit of olive oil so they do not stick to the surface.

Plate Up:

Serve each portion and add the caramelized nuts and the chocolate and milk syrupe. Cinnamon can be added.

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