Broccoli salad with Fig sauce


- Difficulty: Easy.
- Time: 30 mins.
- Healthy and natural.

Ingredients (4 people):

- 100 gr of LaCuba dried figs
- ½ kg de broccoli
- 2 lettuce cores
- 50 g of walnut
- 10 cherry tommatoes
- 50g of cheddar
- 2 natural yogurts
- 2 spuns of olive oil
- A bit of Parsley
- Salt and white pepper


- Rehydrate the figs by inmersing them in warm water for 2 hours.
- Wash the broccoli and divide it into small bouquets.
- Boil the broccoli for 15 minutes in salted water. Then cool with cold water.
- Wash the lettuce, drain it and divide it in quarters.
- Whip the yogurt in a bowl with the olive oil, parsley and pepper.
- Chop the figs, walnuts and cheese finely, and add them to the yogurt sauce.

Plate up:

Put the broccoli, lettuce and cherry tomatoes (chopped in half) in a salad bowl. Serve the yogurt sauce around the salad.

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